10 Biggest Pokemon, Ranked By Size


Two recent Pokemon Games, Pokemon Legends: Arceus and New Pokemon Snap, broke the franchise’s tendency to make all monsters roughly the same size. The Pokédex has always listed medium-sized information, but that meant little when nearly every creature was homogenized on screen.

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Showing Pokémon this close to accurate scale does a lot to impose their intimidating presence on enemies. While some creatures grow larger than their peers temporarily rival Dynamax or Mega Evolution, these are still impressive in height or length.

ten Leviator (21’04”)

Misty's Gyarados on Alola Beach in Pokémon Sun and Moon

There have been a few Pokemon released in the current eight generations that have some sort of evolutionary or surprise gimmick, but Gyarados was the first to return. Pokemon Red and Blue. Many fans were surprised when their incredibly weak Magikarp became one of the best Gen 1 Pokémon.

Gyarados is a furious water serpent who also gains flying type in an apparent homage to mythological stories about fish that climb waterfalls to become dragons. The “Atrocious Pokémon”, as the Pokédex dubs it, measures 21’4” long and remains a fan favorite today.

9 Giratin (22’08”)

Giratina appears in Turnback Cave in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Giratina is the box-art mascot for Pokémon Platinum, and its impressive size matches its intimidating tradition. He was banished from the mundane world at some point in ancient history as punishment for his violence, but Giratina eventually returned from the Dark Realm where he had been sent. The game’s lore stated that Giratina ruled over dark matter.

The Renegade Pokémon has two different body shapes depending on where it is or what item it contains in the games. The “regular” Giartina is only about 14′ tall, but its more powerful Origin form extends to 22’8′.


8 Rayquaza (22’08”)

Pokemon Rayquaza 3D Model

Rayquaza was first presented at Ruby Pokemon Franchise and Sapphireand it was featured on the cover of the upgraded version, Pokémon Emerald. This serpentine monster flies through the sky with a frame that measures 22’08” long, and its Mega Evolution extends 12 feet farther.

Rayquaza is one of several Pokémon seemingly inspired by mythology; his appearance and role as ruler of the heavens make him similar to the Aztec Quetzalcoatl. This powerful offensive fighter maintains the balance between land and sea.

7 Wishiwashi (26’11”)

Wishiwashi from Pokemon Sun and Moon

Wishiwashi may technically be a group of hundreds of fish that form a larger shape by sticking together, but the Pokédex treats the whole thing as a single creature for classification and measurement purposes. Each fish is only eight inches long, but together they reach 26’11”.

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In games, it is possible to see each member of the school individually. Only one fish will remain if the collective unit drops below 25% health. Luckily, anything that increases health above that threshold will cause Wishiwashi to return to full strength.

6 Onix (28’10”)

Onix from the Pokémon series

Onix is ​​not only one of the biggest Pokemon, it’s also one of the first enemies many fans have seen if they started playing the games or watching the anime when they first came out. in the late 1990s. The Pokémon Rock Snake is one of Brock’s trusted team members, and its high defensive stats and Rock typing make it difficult to take down.

Onix gets even taller as he evolves, but even this primary stage of his evolutionary line is 28’10”. Fans looking to see an accurate representation of Onix’s size can find him in Pokemon Snap’s Sweltering Sands and Barren Badlands.

5 Celesteela (30’02)

A flying Celesteela in the Pokémon anime

Pokémon such as Deoxys (from space) and Porygon (created in a computer lab) show that the franchise has never been afraid to experiment with strange origins for its monsters. Sun and Moon‘s Ultra Beasts continued this trend by introducing eleven creatures from another dimension.

The largest of these Pokémon is Celesteela, whose appearance seems to be inspired by bamboo and rockets. This colossal being can fly through the sky thanks to combustion propulsion, and its 30’02” frame allows easy visibility for people on the ground.

4 Steelix (30’02”)

But pokemon gold and Money introduced several new monsters to the franchise, it also gave new evolutions to a few that didn’t already have them. If players gave their Onix a metallic coat to hold during a trade, it would evolve into the bigger and stronger Steelix.

As the name suggests, Steelix loses the Rock half of Onix’s strike and trades it for Steel. The Pokémon Irom Sake lives much of its life underground to compress and harden its body which averages 30’02” long.

3 Alolan Exeggutor (35’09”)

Pokemon Go Alolan Exeggutor

Pokemon Sun and Moon were a milestone for the franchise as they were the first games to have regional variants. These exciting new characters have reimagined previously released Pokémon with a new type to match a different environment.

Alolan Exeggutor received mixed reactions from fans when first revealed due to his comic size. The original Exeggutor was stocky and about the size of an average adult, but the Alolan version has a long, palm-like neck that spans over 35 feet. Interestingly, Alolan Exeggutor was one of the strongest dual-type Pokemon in Gen 7, as it got a secondary Dragon-type.

2 Wailord (47’07”)

Pokemon Wailord

Wailord looks like a blue whale, and this Water-type Pokémon has the size to match. These impressive creatures have a generally friendly demeanor, but tower over almost all other pocket monsters with their 47’07” length.

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Despite their bulk, Wailord’s nickname “The Float Whale Pokémon” alludes to their habit of jumping high out of the water during hunts. Anglers must be careful not to get trapped under their nearly 900-pound bodies or risk losing their vessels. Wailord was the franchise’s largest Pokemon until the introduction of Eternatus in Gen 8.

1 Eternate (65’7”)


Pokémon Sword and Shield are the newest main entries in the Pokemon franchise, and they featured the biggest monster fans ever. Eternatus is one of the final bosses in the game, and he has the size to match.

This dual-type Poison and Dragon Pokemon measures 65’07” from nose to tail, and its impressive measurement befits its status as one of Galar’s most powerful Legendary Pokemon. Eternatus reaches an even more astonishing 328’1” in Eternamax form, but players only see this version in one particular endgame fight.

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