10 TNA/Impact Wrestling Tag Teams That Made No Sense


TNA alias Impact wrestling has officially been around for over two decades now. Few wrestling promotions have ever existed this long with mainstream relevance for the most part. Any promotion around this is bound to experience tag team wrestling a few times. TNA has always tried to have a strong tag team division by screening new teams.

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Projects like Beer Money, Motor City Machine Guns, and America’s Most Wanted all showed how things would turn out. However, there were some duos that just lacked the logic of being together. Each story ranges from a lack of chemistry, to a bad booking, to total confusion. The following TNA tag teams didn’t make much sense in hindsight.

ten 3 Kru live

The 3 Live Kru became one of the first bands created by TNA in the early years on the weekly PPVs. Konnan, Road Dogg, and R-Truth formed the trio based on their characters’ mutual love for rap music from promotions past.

R-Truth was often placed in the singles title picture, making Road Dogg and Konnan a main team. The duo lacked chemistry and nothing but rap bonded them. All three wrestlers benefited from the ending of 3 Live Kru.

9 Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez

TNA treated the signing of Chavo Guerrero as a bigger deal than fans felt. Chavo was a solid talent, but it was more about having the legendary Guerrero family represented in TNA. Guerrero’s big early history saw him form a tag team with Hernandez.

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TNA did nothing to impress upon fans why the duo was a team beyond the two Latino backgrounds. Hernandez having multiple tag teams in the past made it even lazier when he was placed in another with someone he had no chemistry with.


8 The Naturals

The Naturals were treated as one of the first notable teams in TNA’s tag division. Other earlier teams like America’s Most Wanted, Triple X and LAX all thrived more than The Naturals with more television time to begin with.

TNA released a script of The Naturals trying to find the right manager by working with bigger names Shane Douglas and Jimmy Hart. The biggest issue was the team’s minimal character development. Most fans viewed The Naturals as the worst part of their act, with the managers having more value.

seven Brotherhood of Prince Justice

TNA decided to form a comic trio based on superheroes when the Prince Justice Brotherhood was created. Super Eric (Eric Young), Curry Man (Christopher Daniels), and “Stone Cold” Shark Boy (Shark Boy doing a parody of Steve Austin) have all hung out together in various tag matches.

The performers involved all did their best, but there was little behind any of the characters. Fans just knew they all wore masks and had outlandish characters. TNA even booked the absurd Fish Market Street Fight against Team 3D to show how illogical the Prince Justice Brotherhood was.

6 Taylor Wilde and Hamada

The Knockouts tag team division allowed female talents in TNA to have their own tag titles. Duos like The Beautiful People, Tara & Brooke Tessmacher, and Gail Kim & Madison Rayne showed just how effective the division could be.

However, TNA decided to go a lazy route by simply placing random singles wrestlers to make up the rest of the division. The Unlikely Knockouts Tag Team Champions Taylor Wilde and Hamada had no backstory or character explanation for being a team beyond the two face characters with no other partners.

5 The bad boys

TNA signing the Nasty Boys was perhaps the most ridiculous addition of the Hulk Hogan era. Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags were given spots on the roster to feud with Team 3D due to being close friends with Hogan, who was willing to show some power.

The Nasty Boys had peaked nearly two decades before joining TNA with plans for another run. Both wrestlers looked ridiculous trying to fit into the current product and were fired when they got too rowdy at a party with Spike TV executives in attendance.

4 James Storm and the Gunner

TNA found success forming tag teams with two established singles wrestlers. James Storm has even succeeded twice in such a role with huge team runs with Bobby Roode in Beer Money and Chris Harris in America’s Most Wanted.

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Management was kind of high on Gunner aka Jaxson Ryker when he was placed on a team with Storm. The move made no sense other than TNA trying to push someone into teaming up with a more over-the-top name. Storm and Gunner lacked team chemistry, and they had a weak feud when Storm turned on him.

3 Matt Morgan & Abyss

Another odd makeshift team of two singles talents that TNA believed would become a duo included Matt Morgan and Abyss. Neither man was in the TNA main event picture at the time, so they were placed on an unlikely team.

The idea of ​​two big men teaming up has worked in the past, but it seemed pretty pointless. Abyss lost a lot of momentum during this time and failed to form chemistry with Morgan. TNA keeping them together for as long as they would would hurt their every momentum.

2 The Rock n Rave infection

TNA came up with the idea of ​​a duo of Lance Hoyt, Jimmy Rave and Christy Hemme intentionally playing bad musicians. The Rock n Rave Infection was the insane name given to them, but they couldn’t become an excessive act.

All three performers had talent that could contribute to the product, but the gimmick was a dead-end idea. Rave and Hoyt were each out of TNA not too soon after the race ended. Hemme found more success on her own as a ring announcer and behind-the-scenes writer.

1 team pacman

No tag team has made wrestling fans wonder what the heck TNA does more than Team Pacman. TNA signed Adam “Pacman” Jones when he was suspended from the NFL, but he was unable to participate in any physical action due to his contract clause with the NFL.

R-Truth teamed with Pacman as they attempted to have matches with Pacman standing on the ring apron and pinning opponents. It got even more confusing when Xavier Woods, aka Consequences Creed, replaced Pacman with an Apollo Creed gimmick.


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