100 kg of rotten fish destroyed at Ooty Municipal Market


Teams from the Food Security Department and the Fisheries Department were harassed by fish traders at the Udhagamandalam municipal market on Friday after seizing around 100kg of fish in an advanced stage of putrefaction which was being sold to the public.

Food Safety Department officials said they had received a complaint from a member of the public that fish sold in some market shops was unfit for human consumption. Based on the complaint, a raid was conducted on the market by officials from both departments. A row ensued between shopkeepers and merchants and officials, who made it clear to the public that the fish being sold in the shops was not fresh and could pose potential health risks if eaten.

Ganesh Nehru, deputy director of fisheries for Nilgiris district, said he was disappointed that the police and the public did not intervene when officials were harassed by traders. “Despite such harassment, the teams managed to seize around 100 kg of rotten fish from the market and destroy it,” officials said.

After the market raid, officials also rushed to raid other shops in town, including Charring Cross, and the Upper and Lower Bazaar. Fearing seizure, traders closed up shop before authorities could arrive and check the quality of the fish being sold there, officials said.


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