7 Minecraft Kitchen Ideas to Improve Your Builds


Although food plays such a big part in Minecraft, not many people go out of their way to design a fully furnished kitchen for their home. While they serve no literal functional purpose, this allows for a higher level of RP and also means you can dedicate specific areas of your home to certain tasks. Do you want to receive visitors and host people around a long table, GoT style? Do you want a basic and cute kitchen all to yourself?

When planning a kitchen design, your choice will depend on what matters most to you, such as lighting, aesthetics, size, and location. From medieval tables for a traditional Minecraft theme to outdoor buffets to create a tropical vibe, this list has a great mix of options. Whether you’re a new Minecrafter or looking for a new challenge, there’s a kitchen waiting to be built in your world.

From a quaint corner kitchen to a sci-fi themed kitchen, we have our top 7 Minecraft kitchen ideas below to inspire your build!

1. Cabin area

Depending on the type of home you’ve built, a simplistic design might benefit you. Sometimes less is more! Using mostly wooden materials, flower pots with mushrooms and plants, mood lighting using lanterns, and using a Netherrack fire or campfire as a cooking space, you can have a quaint and cozy corner kitchen in your home without much effort.

Corner kitchen in Minecraft

2. Modern

If you want style paired with simplicity, an ultra-modern look can work exceptionally well in Minecraft. Stick to a color palette and add modern amenities and appliances such as a microwave and fridge freezer. Then add a breakfast bar/center island and you’re set. This is a simple kitchen style to continue the themes of your modern home.

Minecraft Modern Kitchen

Minecraft Modern Kitchen

3. Catering

Especially good if you’re on a multiplayer server and aim to do RP; Building a restaurant and cooking meals for your friends in exchange for valuables/materials is both easy and incredibly immersive.

Minecraft cooking restaurant

Minecraft cooking restaurant

Build a seating area, a space where people can place their orders, and set up some serious kitchen machinery behind the scenes to handle various meal preparations simultaneously. Use a campfire as a grill and build a cooler to store all your meat before you cook it.

4. Banquet Hall

For those of us who want to go extremely simplistic and old-fashioned, styling your kitchen like a banquet is a no-brainer. Set up a long table with plenty of cooked food, flower pots like beer flasks, and an open fire to roast the earnings of your various hunts and expeditions.

Minecraft banquet hall kitchen

Minecraft banquet hall kitchen

By default, Minecraft has a very rustic medieval aesthetic to begin with, coupled with the fact that this design only requires early game materials to accomplish, and it’s an attractive prospect for a centerpiece that doesn’t consume your time to Game.

5. Canteen

A must for sci-fi fans, why not build a room for all kinds of aliens. The sci-fi aesthetic lets you use whatever materials you want and make them work, and in terms of kitchen utilities, you can double up as an oven/blast furnace as service droids behind the bar .

Minecraft canteen

Minecraft canteen

You can also incorporate other building ideas, like a mini fish tank or fish tank that you can use to store exotic fish to admire (or eat). If you want to double down, you can always grab a sci-fi texture/skin pack online or from the Minecraft Marketplace.

6. Boat Buffet

Indoor kitchens can get stuffy and crowded, so why not move the kitchen outside? Better yet, move it to the waterfront and cook up a tropical-themed buffet. Stock boats on the water and chests full of fishing rods to keep the fish coming, and throw in a jukebox and lanterns to complete your barbecue ambiance. There are plenty of ways to customize this beachfront idea with incredible views to boot.

Minecraft outdoor kitchen

Minecraft outdoor kitchen

7. Hell’s Kitchen

If you’re looking for a dark, brooding kitchen in another dimension, unleash your inner Gordon Ramsay and build your kitchen in the literal worst place in Minecraft: The Nether.

Minecraft Kitchen in the Nether

Minecraft Kitchen in the Nether

Build it staggering on the edge of a lava lake and forego the furnaces to burn the Netherrack and glowing campfires. You can set up a Hoglin Farm nearby to collect piles of Porkchop while you’re there. Use obsidian to reinforce walls from ghast fireballs (or your own cooking disasters) and build tables; don’t expect too many repeat customers.


With these 7 kitchen ideas based on themes and different goals you might have, we hope you’ve found something interesting to do. Whatever kitchen construction you decide on, remember that home is where the kitchen is, or so they say.

Samuel Heaney is a freelance writer specializing in game guides and all things Minecraft. You can follow him on Twitter.


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