A match made in aisle 10 of the grocery store


Edmond Davis stopped by the grocery store after work to buy something for dinner one evening in 2008. That’s when he also got the love of his life back.

He had seen Monica Graham browse the produce and then the almond milk, but it was in aisle 10 that he finally showed up.

She was then browsing magazines.

“He walked out of the queue and introduced himself and asked me my name,” she says. “We just had a quick conversation right there.”

He learned that she was a primary school teacher; she learned that he had moved to Little Rock five years earlier from Grambling, Louisiana, and that he was an assistant professor at the university, working on research for a book.

“It really caught my attention,” she says.

They exchanged phone numbers and the next day Edmond called to invite him out.

He picked her up on his motorbike for their first date, dinner at the Flying Fish in the River Market District of Little Rock. Their second date was to see a movie.

“The madness of the Marvel movies – everything Marvel and the food – the food and the movies,” Monica says of their first relationship. “And we also did a lot of community outreach. “

Edmond co-founded a “socially responsible” biker club the year he met Monica. The group, called Mythslayers, gave them the chance to serve various organizations.

They had driven with Mythslayers alongside a police officer on April 18, 2010.

Edmond dropped Monica off at her car parked in a restaurant parking lot when they were done, and they agreed they would meet up at the house a bit later. He had only driven a few blocks when a pickup truck hit his motorcycle. Monica, as she was going to get lunch and returning home, came across the accident moments after it happened.

“I didn’t know it was him at first. I didn’t know it was him, lying in a puddle of blood,” she said.

When she figured out who it was, she said, “I could barely stop the car and get out. Someone called 9-1-1 and someone had to move my car for me because I had just left it in the middle of the street. . “

Edmond was in an induced coma for three days after the sinking.

“He had a traumatic brain injury with titanium plates in his jaw and he had a serious leg injury,” Monica said. “It was really, really scary, but I was just standing there by his side.”

She first met Edmond’s family in hospital when they arrived from Philadelphia.

“He was really strong. His doctors were amazed that he was healing at what appeared to be record speed,” says Monica. “I guess that was his diet. He’s always been about health and diet.”

Still, Edmond’s recovery was exhausting and he was grateful that she was with him through it all.

He asked her to marry him in May 2011 at the home of Milton Pitts Crenchaw, at the time his male best friend and also the original subject of the book he was studying when he met Monica.

“Milton P. Crenchaw was from Little Rock and he was the last living civilian flight instructor for the Tuskegee Airmen,” says Edmond. “He was 97 when he died in 2015. I had told him about Monica’s marriage proposal and he suggested I do it there on Abigail Street.”

Edmond’s book, “Pioneering African American Aviators featuring Tuskegee Airmen of Arkansas,” has been expanded to include other Tuskegee Airmen from Arkansas.

They exchanged vows at a small ceremony on September 25, 2011, at the Bountiful Blessings World Fellowship in Little Rock.

“It was a quaint and beautiful little wedding with family and close friends,” said Monica. “I really wanted to get married on the beach, on the shore, so we just splurged on the honeymoon. We honeymooned in Aruba in the Caribbean.”

Edmond and Monica have together created another non-profit organization – Aviate Through Knowledge – since their marriage. They have a son, Kalon Williams of Little Rock.

Last year, for their 10th anniversary, they splurged again, with a trip to Las Vegas.

Each year, they return to the scene of their introduction, sometimes taking a photo to celebrate and sharing sweet memories of this momentous occasion. They usually add a dinner party or other fun event to the record, but last year due to Covid-19 precautions their options were limited.

“We had all the vibes of TikTok. We couldn’t really celebrate our anniversary, so I went to Kroger’s and we did a monologue video about how we met,” Monica said. “We’re educators, so we have to find that balance between silliness and professionalism. It was just something fun. We had a lot of fun making this video.”

Monica and Edmond have been appointed to the ministry of marriage in their church, helping to choose date nights for couples. They are also collaborating on a book for married couples.

“People really don’t think weddings can really last and we want to be that beacon of light,” she says. “We want to be that beacon of light and encourage other couples who aspire to have their own godly marriages.”

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The first time I saw my future spouse:

She said, “I was struck by her charm.”

He said, “I think I kind of glanced at his basket, but I was really looking at his face. It was just flawless. I think she was wearing dark clothes at the time and was in good shape. I was like, wow.

On our wedding day:

She said, “I was wearing a cream Vera Wang wedding dress with a big bow. My nerves were out of control. It was also a very humbling experience, but it was one of the best moments in time. “

He says, “I am a Christian. God chose me, and for me who chose Monica and Monica who chose me… this is it, oh my God. … It was the happiest day ever.

My advice for a happy long


She says, “Put God in the center. Work for effective communication. And keep it fresh and spicy. Stay on a perpetual honeymoon.

He says, “Be honest. Keep it fun. And pray with your wife. Oh, and choose your battles – don’t magnify something small and make it really big. “

Monica and Edmond Davis met in 2008. Monica wrote a song last year about their meeting. “I met you at a neighborhood grocery store that you were checking for me and I was like woo… you asked me my name and I was like Mo… Monica, and by the way, what’s yours?” she rapped. (Special to the Democrat-Gazette)

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