Best Angler Charters in SETX, LA


On the heels of a scorching summer, the cooler temperatures are more than welcome when you head out for a day on the water catching fish. That said, here are the top five charter services for anglers looking to go on a fishing trip along the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana, according to the Beaumont Visitors Bureau website.

The fall season in Texas has some of the best months for fishing, according to Capt. Randy Foreman, a local fishing expert who reports weekly updates to the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife on fishing conditions. along the southeast gulf coast. Foreman also has over 35 years of fishing experience as a Sabine Lake fishing guide.

Its charter is well recognized for fishing for brook trout, redfish and plaice, with an additional service for clients to bring home the catch of the day already cleaned, prepared and bagged.

Captain Jerry Norris is also a well-known fisherman and captain of Gulf Coast waters, according to the Visit Beaumont website, adding that he is a “top fisherman” who has owned and operated his charter business since 1984. Norris charters the waters of Sabine Lake. and surrounding coastal areas and fish for speckled trout, rockfish, plaice, red snapper, kings, ling, amberjack, dorado, shark and other species as listed on the the company.

As a native of Sabine Lake, Capt. Bill Watkins has fished the area’s waters for more than 40 years and is licensed to fish off the Gulf Coasts of Texas and Louisiana, according to the website. company. The page says he only uses lures and does not use live bait. Captain Watkins is a licensed Coast Guard guide.

A professional guide for over 17 years, Captain Chris Phillips has over 35 years of fishing experience in the Sabine Lake system. His specialty is speckled trout, redfish and plaice fishing. Its charter boat provides all the rods, reels and bait needed for the entire Sabine Lake fishing trip, according to the company’s website, adding that fish cleaning is provided at no additional cost and that groups, small and adults are welcome.

Captain Joshua Davis is one of the only charters in the area to offer deep sea fishing, but trying to plan a trip with this captain will take patience as he is solidly booked for the next few years, according to Davis. When it comes to harvesting top-quality catches, the offshore fishery is strong year-round, but the cooler months are “really good” for big yellowfin tuna, Davis said.


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