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In Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, players can fish in various locations once they acquire a fishing rod to get an assortment of fish such as Juvenile Mudcrab, Pogfish, GlassFish, and River Betty. Fishing is available in the Skyrim Anniversary Edition or downloadable in mod for the standard version.

At the start of the game, right after players complete the Unbound mission, they will encounter the town of riverwood. Near the river northeast of Riverwood, games can find a bucket hanging from a fish drying rack. Inside the bucket, players will find their first fishing rod in Skyrim. Alternatively, players can purchase a fishing rod and other fishing supplies from various traders throughout the game.


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Players can cast their line and start to fish in Skryim at any body of water with a bucket of fish marked “fishing supplies”. To determine if fish are available for capture, players should look for water splashes on the surface of the water. After throwing the fishing rod, Skyrim players must wait for their rods to contract. Next, wait for the bobber to come out of the water slightly and contract more violently, then press A and catch the fish.

Once all Skyrim fish have been caught in a water source for the day, they will not replenish for 24 hours.

Skyrim Fish Map Locations

Players can buy fishing maps from traders to find the most abundant fishing spots. Fishing maps purchased from Belethor in Whiterun will take the player to fishing spots just outside of Riverwood, south of Riverwood and in the far west of Skyrim’s Bleak Falls Barrow. Another map will direct players to two fishing spots east and west of Winterhold, with the town directly between them. The first of five fishing spots in “The Rift” is off the Riften Docks, and the next two are along the river to the west. The other two are further upstream and are near the mountains. Check out the YouTube video below of Endless rage game for a visual overview of these locations:

To continue the Skyrim fishing trip, Solitude’s general store will allow players to purchase fishing maps that will take them to the four fishing spots in Haafingar Hold, including three along the river in the south and one on the coast in the Northwest of Solitude. Next, the Falkreath General Store will allow players to access the fishing map revealing Falkreath’s locations, all of which are in the large lake to the north. Finally, players can find all four fishing spots in The Reach by purchasing the map from the Markarth General Store. Two of these spots are in the river outside Markarth, with the latter two southeast of Markarth and along the main river.

Best Skyrim Fishing Rods

Players can greatly increase their chances of catching items by fishing with the Dwarf Fishing Rod. Alternately, Skyrim Argonian The Fishing Rod greatly increases the player’s chance of catching big fish and is needed to catch Angler and Scorpion Fish. This type of fishing rod can be obtained by completing the Deep Water Swim quest. Finally, the Alik’ri fishing rods in Skyrim are needed to catch the small and rare Angelfish and Lyretail Anthias. This rod can be obtained after completing Viriya’s Fishing Bounty quests to complete the Angler Acquaintances questline. To see exactly how to get a dwarf fishing rod in Skyrimwatch the video above Jabada418.

Skyrim rare fish

Anglerfish, Scorpionfish, Angelfish, and Lyretail anthias are some of the rarest fish in Skyrim, and whether or not players use the best types of fishing rods, they can still be tricky to catch. For example, the Angelfish is only in Temperate Lakes, the Scorpion Fish is only in Darkfall Cave, and the Angler is in Pilgrim’s Trench. The Lyretail Anthias can be fished by hand at Evergreen Cover or in streams using an Alik’ri Fishing Rod. To see what to catch rare fish in Skyrim looks like first hand, watch the clip above from smooth teacher on Youtube.

The fishing was added in Skyrim Anniversary Edition to provide a more immersive experience for gamers. While players could catch fish in the base game before, players had to swim through the water and catch them one by one. Now players can use the new mechanics to catch fish with a real fishing rod in Skyrimand it offers a significant improvement in role-playing.

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