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Fisheries, the state Legislature, the Wildlife and Fish Commission and a sentence for an unusual crime could make headlines this week, but Wednesday’s 75-22 vote in the US House of Representatives state to pass Bill 1033 will likely have the greatest reach. effect.

Written by Rep. Joe OrgeronR-Larose, the “pogey” bill – fishermen call menhaden “pogies” – will impose a limit of 260,000 metric tons (573 million pounds) on the commercial fishing industry for a species that forms the basis of forage of most saltwater predatory fish in the interior and near the Louisiana coast.

There’s more: of this limit, no more than 52,000 metric tons can be caught in 18 sets of individual nets “within one mile of shore in a calendar year”, and a maximum of 104,000 tons metric in no more than 5,250 purse seine nets. 1 to 2 sets off the coast in a calendar year.

In addition, pogey business operations will be required to “report daily set locations via GPS on a weekly basis, read in degrees, minutes and seconds, with a set datum; length at capture in centimeters based on the length of a subset of fifty individuals; estimated tonnage per lot; and the date and time of each shipment to the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries before the close of business each Monday of the preceding week. »

And, the bill “restricts” wildlife and fishing and, presumably, the Wildlife and Fisheries Commission more rules and regulations for this industry.

As the bill travels to the state senate for debate in committee and then to the floor and votes, he is widely known among those pushing this bill forward as the governor. John Bel Edwards will likely use a veto to block implementation.

But, the House vote was widely welcomed by recreational anglers and angler groups, including CCA Louisiana, as a first step in moving pogey commercial vessels from shallow-water fishing grounds across the coast of the United States. ‘State.

Ah, to be young

Garrett Thomas and Hunter Holland from Walker High School took advantage of spring break to finish second in the Abu Garcia Bassmaster High School series on Lake Norfork in Arkansas last week. Their limit five bass weighed in at 12 pounds, 12 ounces and was less than a pound from the game-winning 13-7 catch brought in by a home side of Huntlee York and Colton Smith.

Other Louisiana teams in the top 40 included Barbe’s Wade Robert and Zachary Lambert and Natchitoches Central’s Kort Rutledge and Kira Calvert (34th, 5-13).

The Junior Southwest Bassmasters crew faced tougher fishing conditions – winds and rising tide – during last weekend’s tournament from Amelia’s public launch. Blade jigs, spinnerbaits and crankbaits produced the best action, and most of the fish came from the mid section of the Verret basin.

Conditions have stabilized this week and the tides are more suited to daytime action. Depletions finally produce bass and rockfish in areas east of the Mississippi River, and trout work under birds in Delacroix/Hopedale waters.

For our veterans

The unanimously passed State House Bill 718 is designed to have Louisiana join 40 other states in granting nonresident veterans the right to purchase resident fishing and hunting licenses. The catch is that the veteran must have enlisted or been discharged while stationed in Louisiana.

The bill’s bonus for resident veterans is a $20 combined annual fishing and hunting license.

The Commission

Setting the date or dates for the opening of the spring inshore shrimp season is high on the agenda at Thursday’s Wildlife and Fisheries Commission meeting at 9:30 a.m. in Baton Rouge.

A live audio/video stream is available via Zoom:

Other major items on the agenda include:

  • Conditionally approve the final notice for the 2022-2023 hunting seasons;
  • Addition of other species of oysters and brown trout to the list of approved species of domesticated aquatic organisms;
  • A notice of intent to modify the rules for the use of fishing devices such as yo-yos, trigger devices, trotlines and limb lines, jugs and other “passive” devices containing hooks so that such objects do not pose a hazard to others using Louisiana waters; and, add “marking” regulations for the use of gillnets, trammel nets, hoops and wire nets and slatted traps and wire nets;
  • And, a report on recreational and commercial bills in the state legislature and “to consider taking a position on certain pieces of legislation” by the seven-member committee.

American parliament

representing Attic gravesR-La., took the lead and worked with other members of the Louisiana delegation to secure $200 million to help our state’s fishing industry in the wake of Hurricane Ida and the lingering effects of storms Laura, Delta and Zeta.

Those funds are held by the Commerce Department, and Graves sent a formal request last week to the Commerce Secretary. Gina Raimondo to expedite the process of getting these funds to our commercial and recreational sectors.

Graves said the funds can’t be released until the Commerce Department submits a “fishing disaster” statement, and “under the law, only the U.S. Secretary of Commerce can make that decision.” “.

Rent a charter?

The Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Management Council has set June 1 to August 1. 18 season red snapper for charterboat operations with federal reef fishing licenses for charter.


At the end of April, a resident of Buras Brendan Nolan, 32, pleaded guilty to charges of harassment of hunters, unlawful discharge of a firearm and criminal damage to property. He was ordered to pay the cost of replacing the waterfowl decoys he destroyed, to attend and take an anger management course, and banned for a year “from performing any hunting guide operations on lands owned or administered by the government of the parish of Plaquemines”.

It is against state law to harass legal hunters who hunt in legal areas.

And, he was fined $1,075 plus an additional $200 in wildlife and fishing civil penalties and placed on one year of active probation and another year of inactive probation.

The report says hunters on public land near Venice provided video of Nolan running into their spread decoy at “high speed…verbally harassing hunters” and then using a gun to shoot the decoys.


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