Bobby Fish comments on Triple H taking over WWE Creative


Fish said there was a noticeable shift when Vince McMahon took over what was then still the “black and gold” incarnation of “NXT” last September. The show quickly evolved into the current brand “NXT 2.0”.

“You make friends with these people over the years and you want to see them in a good work environment and having fun,” Fish said while speaking with Rewind, Recap, Relive. “We were definitely all in that time when we were there and Hunter was the head coach or the quarterback or whatever you want to call it. Those things changed and things got a bit wobbly over there.”

Fish says he formed a close bond with Triple H during his time on “NXT” and is excited to see what awaits him on the next show.

“I left after my release so I can’t really speak firsthand. There’s a chance now that Hunter is doing his thing there that things could come back or maybe turn into something entirely new and different. But under him, I just can’t see anything in the wrestling business that he has a hand in not succeeding. I’m obviously biased and partial to the man, but I would go to war for him seven days a week.”

If you use quotes from this article, please credit Rewind, Recap, Revivre with an h/t to Wrestling INC. for transcription.


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