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The HMRC this morning released the country’s regional trade statistics for the third quarter of 2021. The information, from July to September, outlines the number of exporters and importers of goods in each UK region and destination country. The data shows what each region of the country is contributing to the UK business landscape after Brexit. The UK’s historic post-Brexit trade deal with the EU was reached just over a year ago.

The government said the deal meant the UK had “regained control of our money, our borders, our laws, our trade and our fishing waters.”

Since then, Britain has embarked on a series of post-Brexit trade deals with non-EU countries around the world, which collectively are worth billions of pounds to the UK economy.

But which agreements have been signed and which are still being debated at the negotiating table?

The most recent post-Brexit free trade agreement between the UK and Australia was concluded last month.

Hailed as “historic” by Australian Trade Minister Dan Tehan, the deal releases an additional £ 10.4 billion in Australian public sector contracts and ends tariffs on UK exports.

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The deal, which is due to come into force this year, is the first the UK negotiated from scratch, meaning it was not made on the same terms as the UK when it was in the EU.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson hailed the benefits of the Trade Pact for financial services and said it would allow the UK to send Penguin bars to Australia more cheaply in exchange for reduced tariffs on the country’s own chocolate cookies. country Tim Tams.

Australia’s neighbor New Zealand also signed a free trade deal with the UK in October.

Under the deal, tariffs of up to 10% are to be removed on a range of UK goods, including clothing, buses, ships and bulldozers.

In return, New Zealand favorites like Sauvignon Blanc, Manuka honey and kiwi fruit may be cheaper for UK consumers.

The UK’s Indo-Pacific deal also includes a post-Brexit free trade deal signed with Japan, the UK’s 13th largest merchandise export market.

Other key deals for the UK include a trade deal signed with Canada after the two allies agreed to “renew” their current deals.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the UK now has an agreement with Switzerland, as well as an agreement with Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, which will support the British fish processing industry.

The UK has also signed agreements with trade blocs, including the Southern African Customs Union and Mozambique, the East and Southern Africa trade bloc and the Caribbean Forum.

One of the main absences from Britain’s list of post-Brexit trade deals is the United States, which has so far resisted a deal.

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US President Joe Biden said in September he would discuss a free trade deal “a bit” with Mr Johnson and added: “We’re going to have to fix it.”

The two leaders met at the White House as Downing Street said a potential deal with the United States remained a “priority”.

Annual trade between the two countries was estimated at $ 273 billion (£ 200 billion) in 2019.

Today the UK is launching negotiations with India for a free trade agreement.

Mr Johnson said: ‘A trade deal with India’s booming economy offers huge benefits for UK businesses, workers and consumers.

“We are seizing the opportunities offered by the growing economies of the Indo-Pacific to consolidate our place on the world stage. “


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