Claire Richards Describes Making Westeros Food For House Of The Dragon


Are these just visuals in the design of the food, or are there actual recipes to make sure it tastes great?

For me, it’s visual. I’m still on the visual and trying to make it a bit more interesting and trying to add things to it to spruce it up a bit. When there were things like pigeons…there were all kinds of birds and different animal skulls we had, but I was trying to layer that with earthy floral ornaments, dried elements of the surrounding countryside . It was my part.

[I made] sure the colors complemented each other so it wasn’t something that stood out too strongly from each other, so they blended really well. From Catherine’s point of view, as a chef, she would make sure that if anything was to be eaten by the actors, it all had to go through whether they were vegan, vegetarian, whether they ate meat and how much they are going to eat and how much you are going to see them eat.

When it comes to this, then she goes [need] some really good stuff up his sleeve to make sure they’re edible if they look awful. We had to make oysters at one point and try to make sure they were vegan so they were made from mushrooms and they looked amazing.

What has been the biggest food company in the series so far?

In terms of seating for the banquet, that would be the wedding. There was a very large scale hunt in previous episodes. We had massive fires with all the tents which was amazing. I don’t know if you saw them so much, but they were in the shape of a pyramid, and there was meat around them and fires, and there was a lot of food preparation. It looked really awesome. There were people who had to carry trays of food into the tent, and then we came back inside the tent, and everything was seated again. The two largest scales were the hunting exterior and the marriage interior.

Were there any major hurdles in directing that you had to overcome?

There have been rare occasions when we have had to move certain dishes out of direct contact with the actors because they may not have found them particularly enjoyable. Visually, I want to see them in the center, and Catherine too. When we have to move things like that, it’s kind of like, “Oh, that’s too bad.” You get to see them. There are those things that maybe you don’t think about and sometimes if you need to roast a pig there and it’s not the size you need then there’s a lot of shopping to try and find the right size, shape and availability and make sure everything is cooked on time.

In particular, when we were doing reshoots at the beginning of the year, the dates would change, thanks to COVID, and people could shoot, and people couldn’t shoot. We had to work very closely to monitor this and do some things at the last minute. There were a lot of tough times for everyone – Catherine mainly, because she had to collect all the food, and the last thing you want to do is waste anything.


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