Cwmbran hairdresser offers his clients a fish and chips lunch to fight loneliness


Regulars at Aristicutz hair salon at Fairwater Shops have missed the social side of their dates since the start of the pandemic. Jude Phillips, the owner of the family business, said face masks have made it more difficult for her and her team to enjoy a “chatter” with customers.

Her salon is a popular hangout and she knew some of her clients have struggled over the past 18 months with the lack of social contact. So this week Aristicutz was closed and over 20 older Jude customers were invited for a fish and chips lunch.


The workshop was cleaned up and the staff at the nearby Fairwater Coffee Bar kindly lent them tables and chairs for their “VIP” guests. Staff from nearby businesses, including The Barber Shop, helped prepare furniture for the lunchtime meeting. An order was placed with Fairwater Chip Shop and the room quickly filled with hungry women. Within minutes, the living room was buzzing with chatter and laughter as they ate their lunch.

Photos of the fish and chips dinner at the Aristicutz hair salon

A woman smiling at a baby Women chatting Women eating at table Women eating at table Women eating at table


A baby with a raffle ticket
Jude’s grandson Harvey took out the raffle tickets

Women laughing at table Women eating at table Women eating at table Three women laughing at a table A woman smiling at a baby A woman who laughs Two women chatting A woman with a raffle ticket Women having lunch Women eating at table Women having lunch


man with thumbs up
Rob from the Fairwater Chip store was cheered on when he arrived with the fish and chips
Artistutz in Fairwater stores
Artistutz at Fairwater Shops closed so customers can enjoy a fish and chip dinner

Artistutz in Fairwater stores

WATCH a video of the regulars enjoying their lunch



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