“Do not fish in ponds marked ‘No Fishing'”


Credit: Pixabay

GOOSE CREEK, South Carolina — The Goose Creek Police Department said it has received an increased number of complaints about people fishing in ponds clearly marked “no fishing.”

“While this may seem minor to some, it is not minor to the owners of the property being crossed, who have left trash behind and are in the way, simply to commit another illegal act,” the police department said at his Facebook page on Thursday.

While critics say the act is “harmless” or “not serious,” the police department said it disagrees.

“We want everyone to know that we don’t choose the laws we apply. If people break the law, we will take appropriate action,” police warned.

Police added that they do not enforce “No Fishing” signs on HOA-owned ponds.

“We are responding, however, and enforcing ‘No Fishing’ signs on city-owned ponds,” the police department said.

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