Financial advisory service to beneficiaries and online will preparation


Financial advisory service to beneficiaries and online will preparation

VA provides free online financial planning and will preparation services to beneficiaries:

  • SGLI (Military Group Life Insurance)
  • TSGLI (Protection against traumatic injuries)
  • FSGLI (Group Life Insurance for Family Services Members)
  • VGLI (Veterans’ Group Life Insurance)

Online financial advice and will preparation services offered here are reserved for beneficiaries of SGLI, VGLI and FSGLI and service members who received TSGLI benefits. Service members who are interested in financial advice but have not received a TSGLI payment can contact their command financial specialists or their financial preparedness advisor. Members can also visit or call 800-342-9647 for more information.

Service characteristics

Financial advisory service to beneficiaries (BFCS)

This service provides beneficiaries with professional and free financial advice from FinancialPoint, an independent company whose team of professionals is expert in handling a wide range of financial matters. Beneficiaries can access this 24/7 online service to request a financial plan. They simply enter their information on the FinancialPoint website and a finance professional will prepare a personalized financial plan based on the details provided. They can also call or email for quick answers to simple financial questions. Face-to-face meetings with financial professionals are also available upon request. These important financial services are available to beneficiaries for two years after the claim is settled.

As of April 1, 2021, BFCS is available for two years from the date the claim is paid. This includes 40 hours of personal counseling over the two years and access to the program’s online resources. Recipients who are already using the services can continue to access an additional 40 hours with a local advisor and use online resources until April 30, 2023. Additional financial planning resources may be made available to you.

Online Will Preparation Service

The online will preparation service makes it quick and easy for beneficiaries to prepare a will without a lawyer. After answering a series of simple questions, the beneficiary will receive a legal will, valid in all states, ready to print and sign.

How to access these services

Online access

  • Go to
  • Register as a user for the first time.
  • Use “BFCSVA” as the organization’s web identifier.
  • Have your SGLI, TSGLI, FSGLI or VGLI eight-digit claim number ready.
  • Select FinancialPoint to submit information that will be used to create a personalized financial plan for you.
  • Select EstateGuidance® to create and print a will.

Note: If you do not have your claim number, please call the Office of Military Group Life Insurance at 800-419-1473.

Access by phone or email (BFCS only)

Beneficiaries SGLI, FSGLI, VGLI: 888-243-7351
TSGLI beneficiaries: 800-428-3416
Email: [email protected]

Financial professionals are available 24/7.

More information

Download one of our financial advisory services brochures for easy reference.


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