First free loan – now up to CZK 80,000

How to get your first free payout loan?

How to get your first free payout loan?

For many clients, the advertised sms loan was already very disappointing for the first time because it had to pay a registration fee, or to call an expensive line, so in fact, the money was lost and often the loans were not received.

Although non-bank companies will be subject to more stringent statutory supervision, it is better to turn to a reputable bank.

If you contact Bankate Bank for the first time and you are 21-85 years old, you will receive the first free loan – up to CZK 9,000 for 30 days without interest and fees, with the possibility of extending up to 60 days. The first free loan will thus open the door to additional loans that Bankate Bank handles and sends to clients’ accounts in minutes in nonstop mode, 24 hours a day.

The first free loan before paying up to CZK 80,000

The first free loan before paying up to CZK 80,000

The Bankate Loan has already helped more than 2 million clients in more than 20 countries, and the new ones are still growing. You can assess the reliability of the client service thanks to the first free loan.

Your loan for the payout can then be CZK 500 to CZK 10,000. No guarantor is required, you can do without the pledge. Your basic personal and contact information is enough to verify the age of 18 and exclude clients who already have a Bankate loan. All others can take advantage of a quick loan before paying out handled online.

Learn more about a quick loan, the first for free

Bankate has become known to Czechs through payday loans, which it has been constantly improving since 2005. Even today, free advertising is at the forefront of borrowing, even as Bankate.

In addition to the first free loan, the Bankate Credit product is also popular, allowing for the transfer of funds according to clients’ needs, the choice of repayment term and re-use. All Bankate loans are pointless, which means you don’t have to prove what purpose you used them for. It can be a supplement to energy as well as buying clothes or last minute holidays.

The first free loan can be yours, up to CZK 80,000! Feel free to deal with it today with a simple form on this site.

3 examples of using the first free loan

The first free loan helped, for example, Mrs. Olga during the last minute trip. She was looking for the cheapest loan and came across Bankate Bank, where she borrowed CZK 4,000 for 22 days. “Because it was the first time, I had a free loan, with zero fee and interest.”

Also Bankate’s first free loan was suitable for entrepreneur Petr of Kroměříž. He appreciated it as a quick loan without a pledge and guarantor, settled immediately. “I borrowed for the first time at Bankate Bank, specifically CZK 5,000 to buy a new printer and supplies. Once the late payments have been credited to my account, I refunded the same amount. Everything was quick and without paperwork, which I appreciate, because not every bank is so helpful to entrepreneurs. ”

Even for Mr. Ivan, the first free loan was a good solution to the acute shortage of funds. He described his situation as follows: “Before paying CZK 2,000 I needed a surcharge of electricity and Bankate lent me free for the first time. Within 15 days after my paycheck, I returned two thousand. Everything went without paperwork and delays. ”

The first Bankate Credit loan: now up to CZK 80,000 free

The first Bankate Credit loan: now up to CZK 80,000 free

Clients today most often choose Bankate Credit in an overdraft style, up to CZK 80,000, which is cheaper than traditional Bankate loans. Its advantage is flexibility – you can repay the entire borrowed amount at once, but also take advantage of the agreed monthly installments without raising the cost of the loan. Compared to Micro loans, you save up to a third of the cost. And there are other benefits, such as paying holidays up to twice a year.

“Bankate Credit is an ideal financial reserve for those who cannot have a classic bank overdraft. I’m glad I got it. The advantage is that when I do not draw a loan, I do not pay any fees, ” explains Mrs. Jana from Brno.

The first withdrawal from the Bankate Credit loan account is now extremely advantageous. For the first time, up to CZK 80,000 is free for you, with no withdrawal fee and interest of 0% for 30 days. Take advantage of this event and arrange Bankate Credit as soon as possible! Maybe right on this site right away.