Free Fish Bin Returns to Bethel


The free fish box is back in Bethel. You can pick up free salmon from the green bin, located between Brown’s Slough Bridge and Corina’s Case Lot Groceries.

The salmon come from the Bethel Experimental Fishery of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. The fishery catches fish using gillnets to help determine the number and species composition of salmon in the Kuskokwim River.

You can expect to find mainly sockeye salmon in the fish tank, as they are currently the dominant salmon species in the river. The number of buddies has increased in recent days, but the overall run remains similar to last year’s record low. State fisheries biologist Ross Renick said experimental fishery technicians release the Chum alive when possible.

The king salmon will not be in the trash. Kings caught by the Bethel Experimental Fishery are turned over to ONC for biological testing and then distributed to elders.

Later in the season, you can expect to find Coho Salmon in the tank. The free fish box operates until the end of August.

Renick said Bethel Test Fishery technicians typically deliver fish to the tank twice a day, about four and a half hours after high tide.

Over the weekend, June 25-26, the test fishery harvested 65 sockeye, 24 chum and 36 kings.


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