How to bring Deltarune to full screen Chapter 2


Fans of Toby Fox’s mega-hit Undertale have long been waiting for another sequel to this unique blend of RPG and bullet hell. Now with the release of Chapter 2 of Deltarune (and Chapter 1, of course) for Free on Steam, players can again choose whether or not they want to solve their problems by violence (bullet hell) or peacefully. However, one thing that has caused problems for Deltarune players is not knowing how to switch to full screen. So in this How to bring Deltarune to full screen Chapter 2 guide, we will walk you through everything you need to do to run this game in full screen mode.

How to make Deltarune Chapter 2 full screen

Like most video games, Deltarune can be played in full screen or windowed mode. Both have their own advantages and depend on how you like to play your games. Some gamers prefer to have them in windowed mode so that they can easily do other things like surfing the internet. And other gamers like to completely immerse themselves in whatever they’re playing and fill the whole screen with the game. If you’re that latter type of gamer, then this guide is for you.

To switch to full screen mode, you must first launch the game. Once in the game itself, you will then have to go to the configuration menu. You can bring up this setup menu by pressing the “C” button in the PC Steam version. Here you will see several options including Master Volume, Simplify VFX, etc. What you want to toggle here to get fullscreen mode is, naturally, called Fullscreen. So, activate this option and chapter 2 of Deltarune will now run in full screen mode. And that’s it, you can now enjoy the game in full screen.


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