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Elyon is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by KRAFTON that was released to players in NA and the EU on October 20, 2021.

Like many MMORPGs, Elyon allows players to customize their character, complete quests, battle enemies, and take on some of life’s more mundane tasks.

In Elyon, fishing is an important skill to practice. Fishing can help you collect gold, create valuable resources, and just pass the time. To fish in Elyon, you need to find a fishing rod and a body of water. It’s pretty straightforward.

Elyon: A Guide to Fishing

Players fishing in Elyon (Image via KRAFTON)
Players fishing in Elyon (Image via KRAFTON)

Get your hands on a fishing rod in the MMORPG Elyon. You can do this simply by purchasing it from a Fishing Location Manager or crafting one in a house using the Weapon Production Table.

There are several different fishing rods in Elyon, all with different effects:

  • Shabby fishing rod: No effect
  • Sea wing fishing rod: Reduces waiting time
  • Waterfall fishing rod: Reduces automatic fishing time
  • Sky Island Fishing Rod: Has increased durability
  • Sea wind fishing rod: Gives more chance to get a pearl when fishing
  • Windy fishing rod: Decrease the difficulty of the fishing mini-game

After acquiring one of the above fishing rods in Elyon, you must find a designated fishing spot. These are marked with a fish symbol on the game map. You can fish in any body of water, but the fishing grounds will have better catches.

If you’ve found a place to start your line, press the F key on your keyboard using the default hotkey settings. This will send your fishing line into the water to try and catch a fish.

When something has been hooked, you will be notified by the movement of your cane. He will start to shake. At this point, you need to press the space bar as fast as you can to roll it up.

The faster you are, the more chances you have of successfully catching a fish in Elyon. If you catch something good, you can sell it in a store for gold or take them apart to acquire significant resources.

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