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Fishing is one of Re:Legends many resource gathering mechanics that should not be ignored if you intend to progress effectively in the farming game. There is a wide variety of fish throughout Ethia which can be sold for money, cooked, used to tame Magnusand even grown in a fish farm.

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Fishing can be frustrating, especially early in the game thanks to its voracious SP consumption and difficulty. Fishing isn’t a new mechanic, though this particular minigame takes some getting used to.

How to fish

It all starts with finding the right spots to cast your line. You can’t fish just anywhere. Instead, fishing grounds are indicated by a black fish swimming near the surface, often surrounded by other fish. You should be prompted to cast a line to the location to start the fishing mini-game.


When fishing you have to manage two rods. The top bar, represented by a wooden fishing rod, indicates the tension placed on your fishing line. The lower blue bar adorned with a fish measures the stamina of the fish.

The upper bar fills up when you bring the fish back and the lower bar empties when you deplete its stamina. If it was completely full, the fish would escape and you would have to start over.

The fish will struggle while you try to bring it back, pulling in one of four directions. You will need to match the fish’s moves to prevent it from escaping. It also puts a lot more strain on the line when it’s struggling, making it particularly risky to try to pull the fish in during such times.

You can Stop bringing the fish back while it’s struggling to make the attempt less risky.

It will take time, but eventually you will understand when to bring in the fish and when to release the fishing rod. It can be frustrating at first, but eventually you’ll enjoy it.

Every once in a while your fishing will be interrupted by a larger fish consuming the one that is already biting on your line. When this happens, the minigame will reset and you will have to start over. Although this may be annoying, it means you will catch a more valuable fish. Be careful, however. Big fish are more difficult to catch.

Fishing can be made easier by upgrading your fishing rod or upgrading your fishing power, which is done by increasing your fishing skill and investing in INT and LUK.

Better fishing rods and more fishing power make the fish tired faster. Not only does this allow you to catch fish faster, but it also reduces Overall SP Consumption because the resource is spent according to fishing duration, not frequency.

What to do with fish

You have two options when pulling a fish out of the water: keep it or release it. This is not a trick question. Releasing the fish will put it back in the water while keeping it in your inventory.

Freeing can be useful if you don’t want your inventory be crowded with unwanted fish.

If you keep the fish, you can either use it as food or raise it on your farm. If you want to use it as a cooking ingredient, you can fillet fish from your inventory, converting it into a cooking ingredient. Alternatively, you can give it to a Magnus. The fish are the favorite food of many coastal Magnus and will be useful in taming them.

Use of fish farming

If you choose to spare the fish, you can keep them in your fish farm. It is divided into two pools on the west side of the farm, one to the north and another to the south. The north one is only for small fish, while the southern one is for medium and large fish. If you keep them long enough, they will even get bigger.

Larger fish can be particularly useful as they can scare fish attack aquatic crops and are needed to explore the world.

Fish eat purchased fish food from the general store. There is a variety for small fish farm and another for the medium and large fish farming. This food only needs to be replenished every five days and can be made to a watering hole found by the shore of the small fish farm and at the end of a jetty on the largest.

Your fish will die if they are not fed for several days.

Raising fish on the farm allows you use them in the fish race, an event you can participate in for rewards. You’ll want to make sure they have competitive stats before you enter to improve your chances of winning. Fish stats can be improved by using higher quality fish feed which will be unlocked later in the game.

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