How to get fish oil in the new world (and what it’s used for)


Fish oil is a common resource made with fish collected from the New World, and it’s important for players to get it if they want to cook more advanced foods.

New world, like most MMOs, is full of activities and professions in which to specialize. Of the 17 professions to pursue, the kitchen is the one that will keep players healthy and polished. However, in order for players to improve their cooking skills, they will need a lot of fish oil. Fortunately, fish oil is an abundant resource that isn’t too hard to come by with a little patience.

Fish oil comes from fish New world, so to get it, players must first grab a fishing rod and cast their line. New world fishing rods can easily be bought in a store or made with engineering skills. Players will need to collect more hemp and green wood if they want to craft their own fishing rod first.

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To find a good fishing spot at New world, players can search for a large body of water around them or use the in-game tools to find one for them. Typing “fish” in the inventory menu search bar will give players all of the fishing spots on their map. Some spots are better than others if players are looking for specific fish, so they should keep that in mind.

How to get fish oil from fish in the new world

When players have finally decided on their location, it’s time to get down to the fishing itself. Players can either stay on the banks or walk in the water. They need to equip their fishing rod and press F3 to activate a fishing pop-up. After casting the line and waiting a few seconds, the game will prompt them to bring the fish back via a simple tension-based mini-game. After successfully completing the mini-game, the fish will be caught.

Once players have collected enough fish, they should highlight the stacks in their inventory and select Rescue. This will break down the fish into different components, with fish oil being one of them. While some components, like the Fish Fillet, are guaranteed, there is no guarantee that players will get Fish Oil every time. Therefore, players may need to accumulate fish before collecting them if they intend to harvest a lot of fish oil at once. Improving fishing skills and selecting the right bait can also help.

While fish oil isn’t incredibly useful on its own, combining it with nuts at a cooking station will turn it into cooking oil, which is much more important. Using this cooking ingredient, players can easily level their New world culinary skills and continue to higher level dishes. It is not always necessary that players harvest their fish oil themselves thanks to counters and auction houses, but it’s much more reliable and technically cheaper than buying every time.

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New world is available on PC.

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