It’s worth it | ‘Immortal Life’ Steam Early Access Updates Add New Quest, Improved Combat System, and More


Escape the hustle and bustle of the world and enjoy a peaceful and idyllic existence, seeking enlightenment within your soul: Immortal Life invites you to a small flower village in ancient China, where you will become a novice soul cultivator, choose how to spend your days in your search for immortality.

Fleeing the destruction of your ancient sect, you join a young community in a breathtakingly beautiful valley, where you are tasked with tending the crops. There are new siblings to meet, and sometimes they will need your help. The path to immortality lies as much in your heart as in your hands. Will you walk in isolation or spend your years helping others until your time comes?

Immortal Life is a beautiful single-player management game in which you play as a member of a declining cultivation cult. Fleeing the destruction of your community, you discover a breathtaking valley where a young community welcomes you with open arms. You’re tasked with tending to crops – but often people will need an extra pair of hands to collect different types of raw materials, hunt for more food, or build new facilities.

And the more you help your siblings, the stronger your relationship with them will become – as they open up to you, you will get new items, missions and skills. Strengthening your ties with the whole community and finding happiness there is as important for your spiritual growth as the successful management of your village. The path to immortality lies as much in your heart as in your hands.

Thanks to its active user community and the developers’ commitment to creating an unforgettable game, Immortal Life has received several monthly Steam Early Access updates at fix bugs, polish its main featuresand incorporate new content which greatly enriched the gaming experience.

Among the new things added to the game over the past few months, players will enjoy new main quests and side missionsincluding personal stories for some of the most beloved characters you can befriend in the game. Also, the combat and spellcasting system is being overhauledwith a complementary enemy AI overhaul.

But there is more to do and see in the world of Immortal Life:

  • Enjoy more seasonal quests that will allow you to earn money and find materials to rebuild the Guiyun Sect faster.
  • Explore other locations outside the Misty Valley and experience exciting adventures while rebuilding the headquarters of the Guiyun Sect. Brand new monsters and treasures await!
  • Raise and train a small pet that will become your best friend, helping you complete some special in-game missions. Foxes are now available, and we plan to add more animals in future updates.
  • Discover new ways to grow and harvest your crops faster, like the plantation spell and improved irrigation wells. They will make your farming days truly enjoyable.
  • Spend time in the section’s kitchen, where you’ll find new cooking utensils, such as the frying wok and clay pot, and more recipes to improve your cooking skills.
  • Create incredible dishes using top-of-the-line Stone Mills, which is powered by a spirit turtle, fermentation jars and air dryers.
  • Take care of bees and silkworms to benefit from their production of honey and silk, which you can use to cook and weave new clothes respectively.
  • Customize your clothes with the natural dye you can produce from certain flowers growing in the valley. Seeking immortality is not incompatible with being fashionable!

You will also find many seasonal events and quests that can affect your relationship with characters and help you earn more money to rebuild the Guiyun Sect Headquarters.

Main characteristics:

  • Make your new home flourish and prosper with your own hands. Farm and fish, trade, build new facilities and more!
  • Unlock missions, locations, abilities, and items by improving your relationship with other members of your new community.
  • Explore a huge map, a valley sculpted in magnificent 2.5D made up of four areas, and discover all its secrets.
  • Experience life in the valley during all four seasons of the year (spring, summer, fall, and winter), each with its own special cultures and unique events.
  • Choose freely how to spend your days in the Valley. Find the right balance between achieving your goals as a grower and enjoying the idyllic country life in this little paradise.
  • Experience a long-term adventure to restore the status of a lost clan of soul cultivators and experience Chinese religion and mythology like never before.

Currently available on Steam Early Access, immortal life is coming to PC (Steam) in 2023 for $16.99 / £13.49 / €13.99.

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