No permit required in Ohio Saturday and Sunday


PERRY TWP. – On a short path on the east shore of Lake Sippo there was a slice of tranquility.

It was there that a journalist and photographer found a 43-year-old fisherman hoping to catch a fish before looming rain hit the area on Saturday.

“Catch something? He was asked.

Tyler Moncrief from Canton Township replied, “Yeah. I’ve been doing really well here lately. I caught one two weeks ago actually from the taxidermist.”

Oh yes. Tell us more.

Moncrief said he usually loosened his catch, but the 10-pound striped bass (or striper) caught him off guard and “this one was going home.”

Tyler Moncrief recently caught this nearly 10-pound striped bass or striper in Lake Sippo in Perry Township.  He said he usually catches and releases his fish.  This one, he kept it.

Her fishy story continued, “I was just going for whatever bit that day.”

He put a small rooster tail lure on his line and threw it into the waters of Lake Sippo after hitting with other lures. He didn’t have to wait long for the results.

Almost immediately, Moncrief said the plotter “grabbed it and almost tore my line a couple of times. It took me about 15 minutes in total to get it in.”

This weekend, Ohioans have the chance to catch a fish or family keepsake, like Moncrief, with “Free fishing weekend“Saturday and Sunday in all public waters.

The free fishing weekend is coming

It’s the only weekend of the year that people 16 and over aren’t required to purchase a $ 25 license to fish in Ohio public waters.

“Fishing is a great way to introduce someone to the outdoors and create lasting memories,” said Kendra Wecker, chief of the wildlife division of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Sippo, Petros Lake Park, Walborn Reservoir, and Deer Creek Reservoir are some of the places to fish in the Stark County area.

Moncrief, who prefers outdoor activities, said the free weekend is a good opportunity for people who are not avid anglers to go out and give fishing a chance.

The license-free event has become a popular promotion.

“I think if you get out here on Saturday it will be packed,” said fisherman Dennis Murray of Navarre. “In fact, I might be back here tomorrow.

Murray was sitting in a chair with two lines thrown into Lake Sippo when the same reporter and photographer approached him at the extended fishing pier.

Murray, like Moncrief, fished most of his life. They both said the activity relaxed them.

Real-time fish story

The interview with Moncrief took an exciting turn when he caught a small bluegill. But that’s how he caught the fish that opened his eyes and surprised everyone.

Tyler Moncrief of Canton Township catches bluegill sunfish on Friday at Sippo Lake in Perry Township.

His hook caught an old hook still in the fish’s mouth. The fish was still alive. He took the hook out of the fish and put the fish back in the lake.

“It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Moncrief said.

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