Ormsgill Chippy in Barrow flooded with customers in last week of trading


WISHES and heartfelt gifts poured in for the ‘cheeky ladies’ who closed after two decades.

Pam Silcocks and Elaine Stables fried their last fish on Friday after serving thousands of people for 21 years.

The couple, owners of Ormsgill Chippy, have served generations of families over their decades in business, turning takeaway food into a key community asset.

In the week leading up to the closure, the shop was flooded with customers eager to sample their last chippy tea before the restaurant closed.

“We never stopped last week – we saw so many people,” Pamela said.

“We had one sausage left at the end of the night – we were absolutely exhausted. We had to turn away customers. We didn’t expect so many people.

“We must have something good in the last 21 years.”

Along with an influx of customers, Pam and Elaine also received cards, gifts, flowers and chocolates to thank them for their decades of service.

“Our house is like a flower shop right now,” Pamela said.


“People were arriving with flowers, cards and wine. It was so lovely. We did not expect this. It’s been quite an emotional week. It’s nice to know we’re not just a chippy to people. We are so grateful.

“It’s the end of an era for Ormsgill. It’s a big change for us, but one we’re looking forward to.

Pamela said “the time has come” for the couple to stop and enjoy a well-deserved retirement.

“I think people realize that everyone gets to the point where you have to retire,” the 62-year-old said.

“The climate at the moment is not brilliant – our house and shop are all for sale but whether they will go or not we don’t know.

“The time seemed right for us to go. We will both miss him very much, especially the community of Ormsgill.

“We need to know everyone here and their families. The people we served as children have grown up and now we serve their children in the lovely shop.

“It was nice to see the generations pass while we were here.

“We weren’t planning to be 21 when we took over the shop, but we ended up staying because we loved the community so much.

“We would be very happy to stay at Ormsgill if the house sells – everyone is so friendly. Sure, it has its issues like any field, but the community is so supportive.

Pamela hopes takeout will reopen as a chip shop to continue her enduring legacy.

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“We would like it to reopen as a chip shop and continue the legacy,” she said.

“It was purpose built as a chip shop in the 1950s so it would be nice to carry on and maybe someone younger to take over.

“We’ve had young people who have expressed an interest, but understand that it’s difficult to get on the ladder at the moment.”

The duo would like to thank their customers for all the gifts and congratulations they have received.


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