Prayagraj: Net fishing banned in 10 rivers for three months


The Department of Fisheries, in an order issued on Thursday, banned net fishing in ten rivers in the district, including the Yamuna and Ganges rivers, for three months. The department took this measure in view of the fish breeding season and also to allow the increase in its numbers.

According to the ordinance, net fishing will be prohibited in the rivers during the months of June, July and August until the end of the breeding season. Additionally, the department will take action against violators which will include filing an FIR and even arresting the person caught in the act.

Officials said six teams have been formed to monitor the various ghats and river banks in the district. Additionally, the department will rely on lekhpals, village development officers stationed in villages and even local police officers to enforce the ban.

Besides the Ganges and Yamuna, their tributaries in Prayagraj are Tons, Belan, Varuna, Naina, Gorma, Lapri, Tudiari and Sasur Khaderi. According to one estimate, 300 tons of fish are taken from the rivers every month. Some breeds of fish are the specialty of Ganges i.e. hilsa, pariyasi, rohu etc. while gegra is found in Yamuna. Apart from local consumption, the fish are even supplied to other districts and states including West Bengal.

The district fisheries officer, SR Yadav, said the prohibition orders would be in effect for three months, that is, until the fish spawning season. The ban would help increase the number of fish in the rivers. Strict action will be ensured against those who violate the ban, he added.

It should be mentioned that in addition to rivers, fish farming is also practiced on a large scale in large and small ponds in the district.


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