PTI lawmakers exchange arguments on budget adoption strategy



Pakistani lawmakers from Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) ended Thursday by exchanging passionate pikes as they sat down to discuss Tuesday’s heckling in the National Assembly and deliberate on the future strategy for the budget sessions.

The feud took place between Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari and PTI MP Ali Nawaz Awan during a joint parliamentary meeting of the PTI and its allied parties held in Parliament to formulate a strategy for the adoption of the federal budget 2021-2022.

The two began to fight while discussing Tuesday’s chaos in the National Assembly and criticized each other over the question of putting together a coordinated response to the opposition’s attempts to disrupt budget sessions.

“We should have refrained from making fuss in the National Assembly,” Mazari said.

“Should we stay mom and let them abuse and hurt our wives?” Awan retorted.
Some members of the meeting suggested that a policy of reconciliation should be adopted, instead of an aggressive strategy during the budget session, adding that the government must act responsibly for the sake of the budget.

Members stressed that it was the government’s responsibility to pass the budget “and it should be done with understanding”.

The meeting took on a more aggressive tone when bitter words were also exchanged between the PTI and members of allied parties during the meeting, sources said.
Member of the National Assembly Aslam Khan said the attitude of allied parties was hypocritical “because they remained silent spectators” as the House sank into chaos.

Responding to Khan’s pointed claim, MP Saira Bano asserted that allied parties should not be held responsible for the unrest. “If you have another problem with the allies, then say so openly.”
Sources said MP Faheem Khan could no longer sit and stand, berating allies for not doing enough during sessions. “You have all heard swear words and crass talk about our government from the opposition and yet you have chosen to do nothing.” MP Ali Mohammad Khan said “we have to be patient”.

However, Faheem Khan argued that “no person worthy of honor can remain silent about the kind of words the opposition has used against us.”

The House turned into a fish market on Tuesday as Treasury and opposition lawmakers argued over exchanging profanity and throwing copies of the budget like missiles during speech by PML chairman Shehbaz -NOT.

National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaiser on Wednesday banned seven lawmakers on both sides of the aisle for causing heckling and behaving in “unparliamentary” and “inappropriate” ways.


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