Rehabilitation and expansion of Elmina fishing port 91% complete


President Akufo-Addo inspected the ongoing work on the Elmina fishing port, which is about 91% complete.

Head of Ministry of transportationKwaku Ofori Asiamah informed the President that the infrastructure works related to civil works including building, paving, road and storm water constructions are ongoing and will be completed on schedule.

Look for construction leads

Asiamah said the project involves the continued construction of quay walls, breakwaters and civil structures. In addition, it includes the dredging and backfilling works of the new port basin. This will ensure the lasting regeneration of Elmina. In addition, it will ensure the long-term development of this crucial port.

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Furthermore, Ofori said that due to the initiative, Elmina will become one of the fastest growing coastal towns in Ghana. Therefore, it will contribute to placing the city at the center of the government’s cultural objectives.

Elmina Fishing Port Objective

The rehabilitation and expansion of the Elmina fishing port aims to build sufficient infrastructure and berthing capacity. It will also provide deep sea access to ensure the longevity of Elmina Port.

Overall, the project will give priority to maintaining and modernizing the already existing port infrastructure. In addition, it will include the administrative building, the boat ramps and the workshop.

In addition, the project will construct a new fishing harbor with a quay wall and main breakwater to allow larger fishing vessels to anchor and offload safely, a dedicated access road to the harbor and a warehouse for storage.

Among the additional new constructions in the fishing port of Elmina are a nursery, two cold stores / ice factories, a new slipway for larger vessels with a boat refurbishment area and a hangar for the fish market.

To boost tourism, the project will also carry out beach and shoreline protection works in front of Elmina Castle.


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