Rising food prices: As inflation sends grocery prices skyrocketing, expert says it could get worse

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) – Whether it’s cutting coupons, buying generic brands or shopping on sale, the usual money-saving tips at the store may be more crucial than ever, as experts say food inflation rates are skyrocketing.

“There’s no shame. There’s no shame in needing help. We all need help from time to time,” said Chelsea Short, director of communications and marketing at Philabundance.

As inflation pushes food prices to levels almost unaffordable for many families, Philabudance says it serves 135,000 people a week, up from 90,000 about a year ago.

“We’re definitely feeling the pinch here as well. We’ve been hit in a number of ways,” Short said.

Experts said there were many factors to blame. For example, the pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the outbreak of avian flu all contribute.

“All other products, if they see chicken prices going up, they’re going to go up in price too,” said Dr. John Stanton, professor of food marketing at St. Joseph’s University.

The impact is on the everyday items you use to stock your fridge, like butter, lunch meat, and the most extreme hop, eggs. A box cost about a dollar more than a year ago.

“I think people will be shocked at what the price of eggs will go to,” Stanton said.

According to Action News’ data journalism team, eggs are up nearly 23% from a year ago. Meat, poultry and fish increased by around 15% and dairy and related products also increased by more than 8%.

“I think it’s going to get worse rather than better,” Stanton said.

The result is a double-digit increase in your grocery bill.

“I think you could pay up to $25 more if you’re not careful,” he said.

Experts say they think the price hike is here to stay, at least for now.

“We will still have people struggling to get food, but hopefully it will be less difficult for most people,” Stanton said.

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