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Temperatures began to dip into the 60s in the evening, candy was bought to appease cheaters, and the sweet aroma of pumpkin spice filled cafes and bakeries across the county.

Fall is in full swing in San Diego County and to help bring wild and adorable locals into the Halloween spirit, the San Diego Humane Society, San Diego Zoo and Scripps’ Birch Aquarium have donated to some of their residents a seasonal treat – pumpkins!

Too cute videos have been posted by the organizations of lovely animals munching on the orange bulbs and they seem to be having a blast.

The San Diego Zoo

Elephants at the San Diego Zoo were treated to a rare treat only offered in the fall. These impressive creatures have been seen kissing pumpkins with their trunks, knocking them over and then aptly enjoying their sweet cuisine in their enclosures.

In addition to the elephants, the nearby orangutans also received gifted pumpkins for the season. In a video released by the San Diego Zoo, the handsome monkeys seemed curious about the gourds as they examined them, sniffed them and waved them by hand before finally

The Humane Society of San Diego

At the San Diego Humane Society (SDHS), adoptable pigs were treated to sweet pumpkins for “Hog-o-Ween”.

The pigs at SDHS lived up to their namesake and really had a blast with the pumpkins placed in their pens on the Escondido campus. Resident Kylee, who has been yearning for her forever home for almost 600 days now, got the first dibs on the candy, which was then distributed to the rest of her adoptable pals.

For more information on adopting Kylee, Click here.

Additionally, some of the adoptable pets wore aww-inducing costumes. Zeus, an 8-year-old pit bull terrier mix, looks as charming as ever in his pumpkin ensemble.

For more information on adopting Zeus, Click here.

San Diego Humane Society

Adoptable dog Zeus, an 8-year-old pit bull terrier mix, looks charming in a pumpkin costume.

Birch Tree Aquarium at Scripps

Who says you can’t get into the holiday spirit underwater? At Birch Aquarium, there is always fun below the surface!

The aquarium’s giant Pacific octopus gets regular enrichment sessions to give her fun stimulation and this time she was given a jack-o’-lantern filled with treats. A fascinating video of the eight-legged resident showed how she crumbled the pumpkin to get the treats.


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