Send more cod! Desperate chippies seek help from Norway before Russian import tax raises prices


Send more cod! Desperate chippies ask Norway for help before Russian import tax drives up prices

  • UK fish and chip owners seek help from Norway as fish prices rise
  • Up to 40% of our traditional fish dinners come from Russia
  • Industry experts fear a third of fries in the UK will close in the coming months

Desperate fish and chip shop bosses must ask Norway for help amid soaring cod and haddock prices.

The move comes after warnings that thousands of traditional British takeaways could be forced to close due to soaring prices.

Up to 40% of our favorite fish dinners come from Russia, but the government’s plans for a tax on imports following the invasion of Ukraine means we have to pay more at the counter.

Cod from Norwegian waters like this could soon be widely served in UK fish and chi shops

Fish prices are skyrocketing due to war in Ukraine, but that's not the only threat to the UK's favorite dish - prices for potatoes and cooking oil are also skyrocketing

Fish prices are skyrocketing due to war in Ukraine, but that’s not the only threat to the UK’s favorite dish – prices for potatoes and cooking oil are also skyrocketing

Andrew Crook, president of the National Federation of Fish Fryers, is due to make an impassioned plea on behalf of Britain’s chippies in a speech at the annual Frozen At Sea gathering, organized by the Norwegian Seafood Council and held on Wednesday in the western port of Alesund.

He said: “Most of the shipowners out there [in Norway] produce headed and gutted fish which is then sent for processing elsewhere. Hopefully I can get them to switch some ships to produce fillets for my industry as we need as many as possible to help keep the price as much in check as possible.

As an example of the price spike, the cost per kilo of Icelandic cod was £7.80 in October 2021 – it is now around £16.

Mr Crook, who runs the Skippers of Euxton fish and chips restaurant in Lancashire, added: “We expect a tariff on Russian whitefish of 35% which will force the price of all fish upwards. ” We cannot be so dependent on supplies from a specific region.

He fears up to a third of the UK’s 10,000 fish and chip outlets will close in the next nine months, and has also sounded the alarm over rising cooking oil costs and potatoes.

The price of Irish beef dripping has doubled in less than a year – it was £1 a kilo in October 2021 and is now over £2. While the price of Ukrainian sunflower oil fell from £1.50 per liter last March to £2.75.

Calling for government support for the sector, Mr Cook said he hoped to highlight the importance of fish and chips in the UK at the Alesund conference because “it’s so iconic and in the hearts of the nation”.

He added that the hospitality and tourism industry needs “a long-term strategy which must involve a reduced VAT rate”, insisting that “not all businesses can be saved – we accept it – but action is needed now to ensure we get through this.” in the best possible shape.


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