The chippy sells red, white and blue fish and chips for the Queen’s Jubilee


A Welsh fish & chips shop has gone viral with its Platinum Jubilee Fish Supper Special which is a bright blue and red battered plate of one of the UK’s favorite takeaways.

Crisp & Fry in Carmarthenshire hosted the brightly colored fish and chips dinner on TikTok and so far it’s racked up nearly half a million views with people either loving or cringing at the concoction and the Crisp & Fry team loves the buzz the Jubilee-Celebrate Dinner has created.

Jason Thomas, spokesman for Crisp & Fry, which has branches in Cross Hands, Ammanford and a future branch in Carmarthen, said customers were mostly asking for the red fries, but the dish isn’t quite on sale . however, as it is scheduled for Jubilee week and the creation has prompted requests for more colorful concoctions.

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They will be sold during the Jubilee

“People have come when we test the kitchen and they absolutely love the beaten dough [red] fries,” Jason said. “They even called to ask for the battered fries, it’s just food coloring. It doesn’t taste different, it’s just fish and chips and the food coloring in the batter. We found people asking us on TikTok to make it a Ukrainian, an Irish, which would be a challenge with all the colored stripes, and someone said “can you make a Welsh dragon?” I know I’m creative but I’m not that creative.”

Red or dead? Do you want to try these chips or is it an absolute no?

Blue fish

Crisp & Fry’s TikTok account was created by Jason for fun showing off what the store does, including batter and fry items like ice cream and McDonald’s food. Owner Jamie Stephens said creation is a bit of fun around Jubilee after what has been a tough time for the past two years.

He said: “Building a chain of four fish and chip shops in West Wales during Covid, Brexit and a war in Ukraine certainly has its challenges. This TikTok, like many others, is a bit fun, it’s time to celebrate and enjoy a platinum jubilee during unprecedented times.”

As so many have seen, the bright blue and red chippy tea didn’t always appeal, but Jason said that was part of the fun. “If you walk into a chip shop and see this on the counter, you’ll probably come back right away. It’s not something you would normally see. But we’ve had people walk in and see the colorful chips in the range and went “it’s mental” but bought the chips and said they were amazing.You eat with your eyes, it’s that simple.

“Food coloring is obviously a bit viral…a few people were quite shocked and disgusted and then there were a few people who said ‘what would Liz think?’

“And I said we were doing a pensioner discount of £6.49 all day so she’s welcome to come and try it out. If she gives us a good review from Google I’m sure we can find some kind of agreement.”


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