“The only fuel subsidy solution to reduce fish prices”


The Central Fish Market (PCFM) expressed concern over the escalating fish prices at the Peliyagoda Central Fish Market and warned the responsible authorities to take immediate action to provide diesel and kerosene subsidy, even at least for registered anglers who are engaged in the regular fishing industry. all varieties of fish will be further increased in the coming weeks.

Speaking to the Daily News CPFM, President Jayasiri Wickramarachchi said that even now a large number of fishermen in all fishing centers across the country have kept away from fishing especially at night, due to the increase in the price of diesel.

The CPMF further indicates that if the government does not respond positively to the recent request of the Ministry of Fisheries concerning the granting of a kerosene subsidy for fishermen, such a situation will lead to either industrial action or the abstention of the fishing activities. “Stay away from fishing will not only affect consumers, but also large and small-scale hoteliers, as well as seafood exporters,” he said.

He said that due to the recent rise in kerosene prices, a large number of fishermen have stopped fishing and that it is high time that the authorities take immediate action to remedy this situation by providing a fuel subsidy. at least for registered anglers, unless there is a meltdown. in industry. According to the government price increase, the price of kerosene currently costs Rs. 340 per liter which is unbearable for fishermen. He added that a large number of fishermen who fish on the high seas will need to carry enough kerosene for their fishing activities. Jayasiri said his association had also repeatedly informed the Ministry of Fisheries to provide a kerosene subsidy, but had so far received no positive response.

He said more than 20,000 families depend on the industry and called on responsible officials to either reduce jet fuel prices or provide a subsidy for jet fuel and diesel.


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