Woman caught ShareLunker bass after ‘last minute’ decision to go fishing


NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, Texas (KTRE) — For the woman who caught a 13.27-pound ShareLunker bass in Lake Nacogdoches on March 10, the decision to go fishing that day was “last minute.”

Kellie Renfro and her husband decided to go fishing a few hours before their kids’ baseball practice.

Renfro told KTRE athletic director Caleb Beames that she and her husband went out on a boat and stopped at a secondary point. Renfro’s husband did a cast and caught a 2-pounder. fish.

At that time, Renfro’s husband told her to come to the front of the boat to launch, and she did. Shortly after, she felt a small bite sink her hook. At first she thought she was clinging to something.

“I turned to my husband and said, ‘Well, I hit a stump,'” Renfro said. shoot, and that’s when I realized I’d just hooked onto the biggest fish I’ve ever felt…the fight was on.

Renfro said the fish on his line hung around for what felt like 10 minutes.

“After my husband rushed to get the net out of the rod box, she took me around the boat once after jumping out twice,” Renfro said. “While my husband was nearly fainting, she came back up, and that’s when my husband did the perfect scoop to get her into the boat. We were in shock. I still can’t believe I caught the fish of my life.

Renfro explained that she caught her ShareLunker on a V&M Baby Swamp Hawg Watermelon Red using P-Line Floroclear and her Dobyns spinning rod paired with a Lews spinning reel.

“A big thank you to Brand Belt with the San Francisco Giants and Brandon Belt Fishing for being at the lake when she was caught and helping hoist her onto the dock for the official weight,” Renfro said.

Renfro said she and her husband contacted the ShareLunker program and sent someone from the Athens Freshwater Fish Hatchery to weigh the bass and collect the data. Renfro said his ShareLunker weighed 13.27 pounds, his personal best bass. The fish was 26 inches long and 23.5 inches in circumference, she said.

“She was released into Lake Nacogdoches so another fisherman could catch her another day,” Renfro said.

According to the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife, the bass Renfro caught was Lake Nacogdoches’ first ShareLunker of the year. A Facebook post said Renfro was the first woman in nearly four years to catch a ShareLunker.

For more information on TPWP’s ShareLunker program, click this link or visit the ShareLunker Facebook page.

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