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Bringing fresh fish to a country renowned for pork and beef, Prague Seafood aims to combine a traditional fish market with a dining experience where you “eat what you see”.

The trendy restaurant Vinohradská used to be a simple fishmonger’s, before co-owner Jan Brodecký and his business partner Martin took it over last year and “really developed the concept”.

Renovating the location and creating a “portfolio of products to offer customers”, Seafood Prague now sells a variety of local Czech and oceanic freshwater fish, seafood including squid, octopus and mussels, as well than a selection of natural wines which were paired with the food on offer.

Speaking to Prague Morning, Brodecký said his desire to open a seafood market and restaurant came from his time spent abroad. “I fell in love [with seafood] even more so when I was living in Australia,” he said. “There they have these products on every corner.”

Upon his return to the Czech Republic, he chatted with his business partner while sharing oysters and decided to try “making something of my own” in Prague.

“I liked the style of something that is still new for the Czech market,” he said.

“It’s not an easy thing,” he added, “because the Czech market is a pork market and the Czechs are pigs. They always go for a beer with cheese and sausages, so it’s difficult.

“But I believe the time has come,” he said. “The market is becoming more open, people are becoming more open-minded. So I think when that big boom comes, we’ll be ready for that.

Brodecký’s concept is that “you buy with your eyes”. Most of the time, the restaurant’s main offering is ‘anything from the grill’. Customers choose from a range of fresh fish and seafood “and we prepare it immediately for you”.

“You can sit down and have a glass of wine or prosecco, or you can take it with you,” he said. Seafood Prague also offers delivery of a larger selection of products.

The restaurant has started pre-spicing whole fish as well as octopus for customers who want to cook seafood at home, but don’t know how.

“We cook it [octopus]we marinate it, so people can just go home and put it on the pan, and it’s done.

The Vinohrady restaurant also offers a special new menu on Tuesdays and Thursdays in what Brodecký describes as more of “fine dining, tapas style”. He recommends customers try the octopus sliders with homemade kimchi, or alternatively the California calamari with poached egg and tobiko.

Brodecký also recommends their ‘magical’ fish and chips, which are available every day. The secret is the “gluten-free dough” which he says has been hugely popular.

Seafood Prague is open seven days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and can be reached through their website or Facebook page.


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